Summer Camp Info


Ready to go to summer camp? A session at Camp Bartle can be a lot of things: a learning experience, a chance to grow, an opportunity to learn, and above all else, fun.  This year we will be in Lone Star at campsite Mohican from June 24-July 3rd.  Visitors day is June 27th and stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

But before you say so long to your Scout, there’s some information you and he need to go over. The first item to tackle is the Health Form and Medication Authorization. Nobody can get on the bus to camp without having these completed.

The Medication Authorization must be completed, even if your son doesn’t take regular medication. Without this form, Scout leaders at camp won’t be able to administer anything as simple as a pain reliever or allergy pills unless you have provided authorization. Also, if your son has any special needs, please submit this special needs request to one of the Scoutmasters no later than May 15.
Once we get more information a Scout will complete the 2020 Bartle Merit Badge Sign-Up Form and turn in at a regular meeting.  Here is a listing of the merit badges for the camping season.

The list of things that boys will need to bring to camp isn’t terribly long and, chances are, you already have most of them around the house.

Your son will be having a great time while at Bartle, but if you want to mail a special treat or some words of encouragement, you can use the following mailing address:

Scout’s Full Name, Troop 16
Camp Lone Star, Campsite Mohican
Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 NE Scout Camp Rd
Osceola, MO 64776-9000


As a parent, you might have some questions about camp. For the official word from Bartle Scout Reservation, read the Parent’s Guide. It mentions Visitor’s Saturday. You will want to arrive between 10 and 11 am and plan on spending the afternoon with your son and the Troop. Visitor’s Saturday is on June 27th this year.  Parking is limited so plan on carpooling if you can. We will have a big potluck lunch (more info about food responsibilities when camp gets closer).

Bring some lawn chairs when you drive down to camp and some comfortable shoes, since there will be lots of walking. These directions will get you down to Bartle, then you can our campsite (Mohican) on the LoneStar map. Have fun on Visitor’s Saturday and don’t forget to get a Peach Nehi in Iconium (ask your son).

If you’re curious about what a typical day holds, check out this typical day’s schedule. Scouts will spend a lot of time working on merit badges and your Scout should be familiar with the Merit Badge Schedule and their Merit Badge Prerequisites (see Program Guide). (First year Scouts will have their merit badges and schedule designed for them – no work necessary!)

Finally, for experienced campers and anyone wanting a deeper understanding of camp, we have a Program Guide that looks at what happens during camp and a Leaders Guide for the adults who will be staying at camp for more than a day.

We’ll present more information as it becomes available, but begin looking forward to summer camp!  Below is a list resources available: