The Bob Diehl Scout Spirit Award

Beginning in 2023, Troop 16 will annually award a handmade wooden camp box to a Scout who has demonstrated exemplary Scout Spirit. This is achieved by living according to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law in daily life as well as through high participation and service back to Troop 16. Each camp box is constructed to the exact specifications of the original handmade camp boxes that Bob Diehl built for Troop 16 before his untimely passing in 2021.

Award Recipients

2023: Joe J.

About the Camp Box

  • Dimensions: 24L x 16W x 12H. Wood is 3/4″ yellow pine, unfinished, box-jointed, and stain-grade.
  • Clasp: Stainless steel. Supports a standard combo lock.
  • Hinges: Included
  • Side Handles: Not included. This is an area where you can customize your camp box, but handles are recommended.
  • Corners / Feet: Not required, but rubber amplifier feet can be nice. The tent floors at Bartle are concrete.
  • Paint / Stain: The wood is clear and stain-grade, but painting is certainly fine too.
    • If staining or using lacquer, this should be done AFTER branding at camp. These materials tend to burn under high heat.
    • If painting, you’ll want to paint BEFORE branding at camp. Otherwise, your brand may fill-in with paint.
    • Click here for a PDF of examples.

Purchasing a Camp Box

If you would like to purchase a camp box, they are available for a $125.00 donation to Troop 16 Eagles.

Remembering Bob Diehl

Bob Diehl was father to Eagle Scout Henry Diehl and a frequent camper, both on monthly campouts and at Summer Camp. Bob constructed several wooden camp boxes that many of our scouts and leaders take to camp every year. At Summer Camp, Bob was also instrumental in our annual washer tournament. He built the winner’s trophy that has been passed down from year to year. He was an active participant in countless Boards of Review, always ready with a thoughtful, but challenging, question. He was an Honorary Warrior in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow. Bob will always be remembered for his willingness to pitch-in wherever help was needed, the constant smile on his face, and of course, his funny stories that live on to this day. He will forever be a dear friend of Troop 16.