• Weekly News

    Parents, Hope everyone is starting to get ready or settled into the new school year. Below are the upcoming events for this fall. We will have our regularly scheduled scout meeting next Monday 8/20/2018. 8/24-25/2018 – OA Induction…

  • Pumpkins Are On the Way!

    Tell your friends, family & neighbors — Troop 16 pumpkins are on the way! Scouts & parents, make sure to sign up for your shifts!

  • On Scouting …

    You should probably read these.

  • The Air Above

    Ever wonder what it looked like above HJ’s? Well, prepare to find out in this dizzying video that Mr. Gamble shot from his drone during the 4th Annual HJ’s Cleanup day. (And notice how much cleaner HJ’s looks…

  • A Session at Bartle, in Pictures

    We’re all looking forward to seeing our sons home from camp. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from camp. Enjoy!

  • The Scouting 500 Was … AWESOME!!!

    This past weekend’s Scouting 500 was jam-packed with fun things to do. Click ahead to watch a video of just some of the great activities and fun that was had by all.

  • Troop 16 Acts as Test Group for Truman Library

    Troop 16 Scouts were chosen to participate in a very special test program for Citizenship in the Nation. The program, at the Truman Library was informative, interactive, and fun!