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Date: Saturday, 4/24/2021 8:30 a.m. departing HJ’s – Sunday, 4/25/2021, ~11:00 a.m. returning to HJ’s

Transportation: If you plan to carpool or have your son carpool, please ensure everyone is wearing a mask while in the vehicle. Of course, if you prefer to not have your son carpool, you are free to drop-off and pick-up, or better yet, camp with us! If you pick-up from the campsite, please be sure to take home a Troop 16 tent or tarp to air out. That way, a few people are not stuck airing out all of the tents and tarps. Thank you!

Location: Kelsey Short Youth Camp (Smithville Lake), Area #4.


Google Map:

Description: This is beautiful and well-equipped setting on Smithville Lake. This campout will focus on a variety of fun activities, including orienteering, hiking, cooking as well as just enjoying the outdoors. We have a number of first-year and second-year Scouts who are newer to our campout procedures, so we are looking forwarding to helping them get acquainted to all things Troop 16!

Advancement: We will be conducting advancement meetings (Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review) during this campout. If your Scout is ready to advance, please make sure he attends and brings his Scout Handbook.

Dress: As always, Class A to and from camp. Appropriate attire for local weather upon arrival and during camp.

COVID Protocol: We will follow current KCMO guidelines for outdoor groups our size ( Presently, “all individuals must wear masks in outdoor spaces where social distancing of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained.” Patrols will be cooking, but this means masks should be worn while cooking and during campfire where 6 feet of distance will be difficult to maintain. We will be tenting 1 person to a tent (for non-family members) but with all Scouts in the same area, and all adults in a separate area, as usual. If you can bring an extra tent for both you and your Scout, that would be greatly appreciated. This will allow us to assign Troop 16 tents to Scouts whom are unable to bring extra tents from home. Please mark your tent status on the sign-up form below.