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Are Scouts allowed to bring phones or electronic devices on campouts?2021-01-13T13:08:28-06:00

Troop 16 Electronics Policy

To promote the best aspects of Scouting, we have decided to introduce an official written electronics policy. This policy has been in effect for the Troop in the past, but we feel it is important to communicate it in writing so there are no misunderstandings. Before stating the rules, we think it is important to state why we feel the rules are important. 

  1. When the Troop is on a camping trip, it is a chance for us to all get away from the noise of everyday life. Electronic devices distract us from one of the biggest benefits of camping – to get away and spend time in the outdoors. 
  2. When we are camping as a Troop, we would like to promote a spirit of community. When Scouts are off on their own to listen to music, watch video, or to type a text message into his phone, he withdraws from the Troop and our activities. 
  3. As Scout Leaders, our job is to keep our Scouts safe. We work to keep our Scouts not only physically safe, but also safe from media (songs, pictures, videos, and games) that may not be appropriate for our Scouts. Our electronics policy helps us do our job of ensuring our Scouts are not exposed to inappropriate material.

Our policy is as follows: 

  • Electronics are defined as, but not limited to, smartphones, mobile phones, music players, video players, and game systems. Purpose-built cameras are always allowed. 
  • Electronics are not permitted at Troop meetings or any Scout-related functions. If a mobile phone is seen being used, it will be confiscated and returned to the Scout at the end of the meeting/trip. Parents will be given a list of leader phone numbers so they can contact their sons in case of emergency.
  • In the case of multiple infractions (three or more), a meeting between the Scout, parents, and three representatives from the Troop Leadership Committee will be necessary. 

To our Adult leaders, we encourage you to set a good example for the entire Troop. You may need your phone in case of emergencies, but we hope you’ll keep it in your pocket otherwise. You’ll likely find sharing in conversation and activities to be a very therapeutic break from the workplace.

Thank you in advance for your help in enforcing this policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Scoutmaster or the Leadership Committee.

I need a leadership position. When do we realign patrols?2021-01-13T13:13:33-06:00

Patrols are realigned twice each year. Typically this is done in January or early February after new first year Scouts have joined the troop, and then again in early September when we return from Summer Camp and Summer Break. This gives new Scouts opportunities to serve in leadership as Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters, and other leadership roles.

What are the available leadership positions?2021-01-13T13:17:01-06:00
When is our next Eagle Court of Honor?2021-01-13T15:09:04-06:00

We do not pre-schedule Eagle Courts of Honor. Instead, we wait until there are at least 3 Eagles Scouts, but no more than 5, who have completed their Eagle Board of Review. If we have more than 5 Eagle Scouts, then they will be put in waiting for the next Eagle Court of Honor. We usually have at least two Eagle Courts of Honor per year, one of which is on Scout Sunday — the first Sunday in February.

When is our next Court of Honor2021-01-13T16:08:21-06:00

We usually try to have at least two Courts of Honor every year — one in the spring around March-April and another in the fall around October-November.

What type of mattress should I bring?2021-01-13T17:06:16-06:00

A standard compressible air mattress or a folding mattress works well. Please do not bring the extra thick mattresses. Scouts often carpool and/or load their gear into our trailers, and we simply do not have the room for the jumbo mattresses.

How do I schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review? And, what do they consist of?2021-01-13T19:26:59-06:00

In non-COVID times, we conduct Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review only during campouts. Today, however, we are conducting both meetings over Zoom. Please contact Chris Pantaenius if you need to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review.

The Scoutmaster Conference is an opportunity for the Scout and Scoutmaster to visit and review progress on requirements, service and leadership. It’s also a time to review the Scout’s ambitions, set goals for the future and solicit feedback from the Scout regarding any challenges and/or recommendations the Scout may have for program improvement. This is typically a one-to-one conversation in the visual presence of other leaders; however, over Zoom there are 3 participants: (1) the Scout, (2) the Scoutmaster, and (3) one additional adult leader to maintain 2-deep leadership online.

The Board of Review is scheduled after the Scoutmaster Conference. It is the Board’s job to determine the quality of the Scout’s experience and to decide whether the requirements for the rank have been fulfilled. If so, the Board not only approves the Scout’s advancement, but also provides encouragement and advice in the Scout’s pursuit of the next rank. The Board may consist of any three trained adult leaders who are not (1) the Scoutmaster or (2) the parents of the Scout.

What is our troop meeting benediction?2021-01-16T13:07:32-06:00

Now may the blessings of our Heavenly Scoutmaster

rest upon each of us and all Scouts,

and may we follow the trail that leads to Him.

A good Scout is always prepared. (Response: we are prepared, sir!)

A good Scout always does at least one good turn daily. (Response: it has been done, sir!)

Goodnight Scouts! (Response: Goodnight, sir!)

How do I select a backpack?2021-01-16T13:41:20-06:00

Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. Most of our monthly campouts are just one night and would be considered “car camping”, but there are a few opportunities to attend multi-night campouts (e.g. Camporee, Summer Camp and High Adventure Camps) in which a well-fitting backpack is a big advantage, if not a requirement. If you are considering purchasing a new backpack, please click here for more information.

What is my BSA PID (member number), and where can I find it?2021-01-31T20:22:11-06:00

Your BSA PID number is your member number in Scouts BSA. You can find it on your membership card or in Scoutbook.

  1. Log in to Scoutbook.
  2. Navigate to your profile. You may have to click “Edit Profile” to view it.
  3. You’ll find your BSA Member # displayed near the bottom of the page.
What is our Unit Information?2021-01-31T20:23:10-06:00
  • Unit Type: Troop
  • Unit Number: 1016
  • District Name: Three Trails District
  • Council Name: Heart of America Council
What is Green Bar?2021-05-10T11:26:15-05:00

As Scouts achieve leadership positions (listed below), they are entitled to wear a patch identifying their office. Those patches have two green bars, denoting the leadership position involved; hence, we refer to the leadership of the troop as the “Green Bar”. This group meets with the Scoutmaster on the Monday following a campout to debrief on the last campout, discuss future campouts, service opportunities, fundraising and other matters of planning for the troop. This meeting is held in place of the normally scheduled Monday night troop meeting.

All Scouts currently holding a leadership position are required to attend; however, Scouts not holding a leadership position and any parents are always welcome to attend.

Class B uniform — Scout t-shirt or sweatshirt / green pants (or shorts if summertime) / Scout belt / green socks.

Leadership Positions:
– Senior Patrol Leader
– Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
– Patrol Leader
– Troop Guide
– Quartermaster
– Scribe
– Den Chief
– Chaplain Aide
– Historian
– Instructor
– Librarian
– Webmaster
– Order of the Arrow Representative
– Outdoor Ethics Guide
– Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
– Bugler — can be used as a position of responsibility for the ranks of Star or Life, but not for the rank of Eagle.

Please click the following link for a full description of youth and adult positions.

When are we going to Summer Camp?2023-06-01T12:53:59-05:00

All things Summer Camp can be found on the Summer Camp page of this website. You can also visit the H. Roe Bartle website for additional information.


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