Our Goal


The goal of Scouting is to provide a character building experience through achievement of outdoors skills and leadership opportunities. Scouting is intended to be a “boy-led” experience, managed by Patrol Leaders and Senior Patrol Leaders. These older boys, usually 13-15, guide the younger Scouts through their initial ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class. By then, these boys are prepared to graduate to leadership positions of their own.

Troop 16’s goal is to provide the Scouting experience by regular meetings and programming, monthly camping or special events, a 7-10 day summer camp experience and honor camping programs. We do our best to help boys along the trail of advancement in an orderly and timely fashion so that they have the opportunity to get the maximum Scouting experience prior to the pull of high school. Many boys stay involved through high school (and we hope they do) but our experience is that it becomes much more difficult for the boys to maintain focus on advancement as they move through their later teenage years.

To achieve our goal, we have active adults who have been trained in the program and who are dedicated Scouters. Several of our leaders are involved in District and Council leadership positions; many are Eagle scouts. As boys, many have participated in the honor camping programs.

We want to encourage growth and learning in an atmosphere of fun and adventure. These are special days in the life of a boy, and Scouting can enhance this time and help mold him into an even more unique and confident adult.