mlm60_DSC_5960-LCamping is one of the most important elements of the Troop 16 Scouting experience. We are active participants in learning and living outdoors. Here are just a few details about our camping program:

Monthly Camping

Troop 16 plans and camps one weekend every month. Each Patrol is provided with a Patrol Box with all necessary cooking equipment. In addition, each Patrol has a tent box where each Patrol’s tents are kept. Each Patrol is responsible for their equipment. The monthly campouts are located on private land, public parks and campgrounds and are usually within an hour or two drive of HJ’s. The campout schedule and located is posted on the Troop website.

Honor Camping Program

Learn more about the honor camping programs offered in Troop 16.

High Adventure Camps

The best that camping has to offer is an exciting part of the Troop 16 program.

Personal Scout Camping Equipment

Find out how much or how little you need to take when going on a campout.

How to Buy a Backpack

There’s the right tool for every project, and selecting the proper backpack is no exception.

Great Places to Go Camping

The Heart of America Order of the Arrow has published an EXCELLENT Camp Reference Guide. Each guide is loaded with information that should be used when planning any campout.

Bead Colors

Ever wonder what the string of beads on a Scout’s belt meant? They represent campouts the Scout has been on. Different colors for different activities and weather conditions, including:

  • Clear – 0 degrees on campout
  • Blue – Below 32 degrees on campout
  • White – Snowed on campout
  • Green – Nice weather on campout
  • Black – Rained on campout
  • Yellow – Camped in a cabin
  • Orange – Participated in a special activity
  • Red – Went on a hike
  • Brown – End of a long term campout
  • Purple – Awarded for every 25 miles of Hiking
  • Light Blue – Service Project (Troop Sponsored)
  • Light Orange – Patrol Activity