Hey Scouts, fall is here and it’s time for our annual fundraiser, the Troop 16 Pumpkin Patch. All October, up to Halloween, we’ll be selling tons and tons of round, flat, bumpy, smooth, orange, red, white, green, and tan pumpkins, in all shapes and sizes … but we can’t do it without your help.

First, we need Scouts and parents to help unload the pumpkin truck. The time will be defined later, but expect late afternoon/early evening.

You and your parents can SIGN UP for shifts now. Each Scout is required to work at least three shifts and parents must work at least two. (Wear your Class A uniform to your shift.)

And we can definitely use your help to spread the word. Please tell people about our location this year, on the north lawn of the church, right next to Meyer Boulevard. Pass the word around school, your neighborhood, church, and to family and friends. The pumpkin patch offsets our costs for the entire year of Scouting, so urge everyone you know to buy pumpkins at the Troop 16 Pumpkin Patch!